Elinkus is evolving seamless perception for a new generation of interactive users.

I want an upgrade.
  • Competitive UX/UI/ PX Analysis
  • Usability Studies/ User Research
  • Mapping of Tiered Navigation
  • Architectural Diagram
  • Unique Elinkus Ranking
  • Recommendations on How to Proceed
I’m starting from scratch.
  • Customized or Original Design
  • Responsive or Adaptive Formatting
  • Typography & Color Palette Review
  • Device Testing
  • Logo and Tagline Creation
  • Integration with WordPress CMS
I need help with a specific usability problem.
  • I’m designing a “green” website for children’s clothes and toys. How should I organize my products into easy-to-navigate categories?
  • How do I best design a multiple-choice survey? How many questions will my audience answer before losing interest?
  • I want to stand out amongst my competitors. What are the three most important data points for me to collect from my users and what is the best way to guarantee their participation?
  • What is the optimum number of choices per drop-down field in my navigation?
  • If I only have room for three drop-down fields, what is the best way to filter information from the first level to ensure a precise answer at the third level.
  • I’d like to conduct a focus group about a specific problem that concerns [aesthetics (design), usability (functionality), topography (structure), goal timing]. Help!

Step 1. Select usability studies.


At Elinkus, our UX Analysts are Systems Thinkers who deliver creative and concise UX solutions to happy customers. For whole lifecycle web/app design-builds or consulting services, we’ll eagerly guarantee your satisfaction on aesthetic, operational and shareholder levels. Best of all, since we’ve been around for over a decade, we’re proficient at optimizing work-flow in semi-agile environments.

Step 2. Sign off on final design.


Our responsive UX designs are the product of creative genius (if we do say so). Our high-level, process-oriented team expertly devises enticing journey maps that are so intuitive they practically drive themselves. Task flow and user needs analyses, as well as orthodox usability studies, complement Elinkus metrics to ensure that your site is at least one big step ahead of any competition.

We’re talented at quickly evaluating business goals to develop simple yet polished interface solutions. From experience we know that precise technical documentation is critical for efficient design builds, as well as specific usability problems. We make it a priority to showcase our process visually via use cases, storyboards, architectural diagrams and wireframes.

Our clients love us.

We love problem solving.

Elinkus is versatile in expertise and extremely responsive. We highly recommend them and look forward to working together again in the very near future.

Vennessa Fuhs, Founder

We had the meeting with Gartner yesterday to review the new homepage and overall design. They were very pleased with the results, so are we!

Cynthia Overby, Vice President Operations


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