An agile workflow requires a well-scoped-out bird's eye view

We'll do the wing work.

Wireframes, Business Process Diagrams, Site Maps & More

Elinkus maps end-to-end user experiences for complex ecosystems by translating core business models into cohesive wireframes. This impeccable bird’s eye view is critical for intelligent, top-down analysis.

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Successful UIs incite onboarding while easing users into new experiences.

Data visualization is useful to customers and shareholders alike. We’ve discovered that providing businesses with a cohesive top-down view of their corporate infrastructure regularly results in easy fixes to longstanding problems.

We can model business process architecture, use cases, journey maps, and more. These schematic representations of both necessary and variable data are essential for funding initiatives and are often used to prepare development teams for complex, multi-tiered systems logic in advance of engineering.

At the end of the day, our approach reiterates wisdom of the ages – the most successful systems achieve the desired result using the fewest number of tools. We are minimalists by nature. With our lean and expedient process, your website or application will reach maturity before you’re ready for an empty nest!

  • Architectural diagram/ site map of pages using a tiered navigation structure
  • User journey map
  • Business process flowchart
  • User Identity schema
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Problem Solving with User Personas

We know that qualitative and quantitative research, combined with well-crafted user personas and journey maps reliably communicate breakthrough insights and opportunities that change the way companies serve their customers.

Elinkus UX experts regularly work at hackathons and with business professionals to illustrate how user persona modeling can solve problems common to inefficient journey flows, like congestion and churn. When decision-makers undergo exercises that position them in the user role within their uniquely defined corporate ecosystem, they’re often able to envision immediate solutions to longstanding problems.

Some options:
  • Industry-specific competitive research using Elinkus metrics
  • User personas and use cases based on target demographics or Representative Agent use case and user flow
  • Concept sprints, Mind Mapping sessions and wires
  • Specialized research tools (Quantitative): surveys and questionnaires
  • Select task and need-specific usability tests (Qualitative):  cognitive walkthroughs, focus groups, contextual inquiries, one-to-one interviews

Share your vision.

We’ll help you scope out the universe of your project using storyboards or wireframes, which are especially helpful in agile environments. Business concepts and site logic can be illustrated in various levels of refinement, from “concept sketches” to high-fidelity, annotated, interactive prototypes.

Best of all, we’re happy to step in at any point in your process to customize our services to fit your current needs and objectives, whether it be a professional presentation for stakeholders, or a technical guide for developers.

We'll Make You a Roadmap

Intentional Interface Design is founded on principles of engagement within defined ecospheres, aka psychological atmospheres. Its function is to connect users with messages (information or selling points), in a way that is convenient, comfortable, and personally appealing.