Our Designers are Artists.

Our Developers are Systems Thinkers.


“UX design and analysis is now a critical component of competitive advantage, digital strategy, and business transformation.”


UX Audit

Your website is a business ecosystem that substantiates customer confidence. We offer UX audits of new or existing websites, and guarantee seamless, roadblock-free user journeys, providing nice & pleasing, easy arrival to ideal destinations.

Top-Down Taxonomy

Taxonomy is the elemental structure of any digital experience. That's why we perfect relationships of objects from visual interface to procedural, establishing harmony, poise, and confidence.

Data-Driven Usability Methodologies

Elinkus develops industry-specific user studies &
unique heuristics metrics and representative
persona agencies to create engaging journeys.

Intentionally Designed UIs

We also service and design blueprints for any business plan, modeled from systems thinking, and with meticulous attention to user needs and desires.

An Elinkus UX Audit is totally unique.

Here's what you get with an UX4IID (User Experience for Intentional Interface Design) Assessment.

Our UX for Intentional Interface Design Assessment (aka UX Audit) is a comprehensive report that identifies usability problems and suggests contemporary ways to optimize user journeys. Since the UX4IID assesses user needs in concert with core market objectives, decision makers often gain remarkable insights into customers’ values, needs and desires. Advantageously, the clarity of the report provides an excellent foundation for agile project management, engineering specifications and/ or strategic presentation to stakeholders.

"Even tho you're on the right track, you could get run over if you just sit there."

~ Will Rogers, American Satirist

Competitive Analysis

By utilizing 11+ years of industry-specific consumer data and user research findings, we’ll assess your business ecosystem and compare it with your top competitors. You’ll receive critical insights that will complement your overall digital strategy.

Architecture, Navigation & Site Map

During this part of the process, we focus on your MVP/ S, and objectives to ensure that the ideal user journey aligns with corporate objectives. We’ll intuitively model all menus and categories to optimal efficiency.  Final deliverable is a page flow diagram and/ or a spreadsheet of pages using a tiered navigational structure that highlights your core navigation. You’ll also receive a site map.

Use Case Analysis

In tangent with your new Site Map and hyper-intuitive typology, we’ll devise a best-case User Journey to Destination map. Persona mapping and user research can also be deployed.

User Acceptance/ Stress Testing

We test the entire site by auditing all software, forms, tools and plugins. Along the way, we’ll review which features are outdated and provide recommendations on how to best modernize your website.

Wireframe or Homepage Mockup

Depending on where you are in the development process, you’ll receive either a wireframe of your app, or a mockup of your homepage showcasing revamped menus, and placement of content elements. We can also create a “Copy/ Style Dash,” which is a WordPress mockup of your new app or website, illustrated as a rough end product, complete with stylistic elements like font, color palette, and animation.

Digital Strategy Recommendations

In addition to summarizing our recommended changes as clear action steps, we’ll provide you with a free SEO checklist of website must-haves, and a bonus whitepaper describing the latest usability trends.